Types of resistors

Traction (Rail) resistors Line test traction resistors

rezyst proby linii

Traction line test resistors are used to test the (railway or tram) overhead contact lines and are installed in direct current switchgears for the contact line system power supply.

Based on our long experience, implemented design procedures and advanced 3D modelling, we can quickly design any resistor that meets individual requirements (see Detailed Parameters).

Do you want to see our reference projects in design and manufacturing of line test resistors? Contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Specification of technical parameters

Resistor type RP.40A.12s.80R
Rated operating voltage 3,3kV
Test voltage of insulation 18,5kV / 1min., 50Hz
Rated resistance at 20°C: 80Ω ±5%
Rated operating current: 40A
Thermal strength: 12s.
Typical operating cycle: Operation: 3s, Interval: 5s., Operation: 3s., Interval: 30s, Operation: 3s., Interval: 5s, Operation: 3s. – end of cycle
IP rating IP00
Type of cooling Natural

Low-voltage line test resistor of 6Ω: 4,5kW, 6kW

Resistor type RP.4,5kW.6R RP.6kW.6R
Rated operating voltage ≤1kV
Test voltage of insulation: 2,5kV/1min.
Rated resistance at 20°C: 6Ω±5%
Rated operating current: 100A
Thermal strength at rated current for ΔT: 380°C: 6s. 10s.
Typical operating cycle: 3 x Load for 2s., every 18s. The resistors can withstand more such consecutive cycles
IP rating IP00 IP00
Type of cooling Natural Natural

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