Types of resistors

High Power Resistors

SIMPAX - a manufacturer of high power resistors for industry!

SIMPAX specializes in the production of high power resistors for the industry. The power range of the manufactured resistors ranges from 50W to Mega W.

High-power resistors for the industry are designed to meet the specific requirements of Clients in the transport [railways, trams, buses, aviation], construction [cranes, overhead cranes], mining [conveyors] and power [transformer stations, generators] or scientific sector.

High power resistors are usually braking resistors, starting resistors, neutral grounding resistors and load resistors. In the design of this type of resistors, steel grid, wire and ribbon resistors are most often used..

In the past, high power resistors were characterized by large dimensions and constituted a significant part of the machine that they driven. They were made on cast iron resistance elements, which were replaced by resistors with resistance elements made of FeCrAl. Current designs of high power resistors are modern and reliable units with compact shapes. Where there is no need to accurately reproduce the dimensions of the replaced high-power resistor [see REPLACEMENT RESISTORS], SIMPAX produces resistors with smaller unladen mass and dimensions, while maintaining the expected power.

SIMPAX uses the latest technologies and materials for the manufacturing of resistors that were proved successful in the railway industry, meeting the highest requirements in terms of quality and safety. Thanks to that, SIMPAX resistors work without failure for a long period of time, are resistant to vibrations and their insulators do not break. [see more in QUALITY section].

In the process of designing high-power resistors, SIMPAX uses advanced 3D modeling technologies that allow to quickly execute projects and accurately reflect the resistor to be made.

SIMPAX can manufacture even a single unite of a high-power resistor. To shorten the delivery time of resistors, we have introduced their standardization in the 50W – 50kW power range. We are able to deliver them within 3 – 5 days. For resistors with higher power, we specify the production time individually [contact us here]

Many years of experience of our engineering team means that we are able to prepare optimal solutions for most resistor applications, including also replacement resistors for older, unproduced devices and vehicles.

Do you need a high-power resistor? You do not know how to choose the right resistor power? Contact us and take advantage of many years of experience of our engineers! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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