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Load resistors for emergency supply generators for emergency supply generators

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Load (test) resistors are used to create an artificial electric power load of generators. They simulate the load (electrical resistance) for different types of current sources (generators, batteries, photovoltaic cells, etc.) enabling testing of those sources under specific load.

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A wide application of load resistors is testing of emergency power generators, which must be periodically checked under load. By using a load resistor, you can load the generator in various ranges of its power. Such resistors may be mobile, e.g. on a trailer, or transported by a delivery van or stationary, permanently connected to the generator.

In the second case, in addition to providing the minimum load for the generator, they also perform functions of the device testing the resistor efficiency, checking it from time to time. Most often, load (test) resistors are designed for specific needs of the recipient.

Application of load (test) resistors of emergency power supply:

  • load resistors for laboratories, construction centers
  • load resistors for small hydro and gas power plants
  • test resistors at generator control stations
  • load resistors for generators
  • ballast resistors of emergency generation sets
  • discharge resistors of a capacitor batteries

At SIMPAX, we have technology and engineering experience that allow us to design and manufacture a test resistor for all generators’ parameters and with the possibility of adjustment. We produce load resistors for generators in mobile and stationary versions. Due to the function of the test resistors, most of them are mobile designs, where the resistor is only supplied for the duration of the tests.

We design using advanced 3D modeling! In a short time, we are able to design any resistor corresponding to individual requirements (see the detailed parameters tab).

Do you want to see our reference projects in design and manufacturing of load resistors? Contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Range of load resistor parameters

Operating voltage:   400VAC – other voltages available
Power:   100kW - MW
Adjustment possibilities:
  • Single power module (e.g. 200kW)
  • Resistor with step adjustment by power modules with different power, in accordance with Client requirements. E.g. a 100kW resistor divided into two modules: 50kW + 20kW + 20kW + 10kW, may be adjusted from 10kW to 100kW with an accuracy of 10kW
Possible power drops caused by the increase of resistance due to temperature: Approx. 2%
Tyoe of operation:  Continuous or instantaneous (even for several seconds)
Type of cooling:  Forced by a 400VAC fan
Type of design:  Stationary or mobile, horizontal or vertical
Protection class:   IP23
Control mode: 
  • Version without control: The manufacturer delivers the resistor in the housing, with a chamber for automation components where the terminals for resistance modules and fan are put out. Control system should be made by the Client
  • Version with control: The manufacturer delivers a complete device with automation components. For this version, it is required to arrange the method of activating the resistance modules (with buttons or driver)
Design version:
  • Mobile model: transported on a trailer or truck (loaded with a forklift)
  • Stationary model: outdoor or indoor type (e.g. installed in a container – operation with container door open)

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