Resistors applications

Resistors For The Construction Industry


SIMPAX - braking, starting and load resistors for emergency power generators, for: cranes, overhead cranes, conveyors, high-performance fans, lifts, office complexes!

In construction, high-power resistors are used primarily as braking resistors in lifts and starting resistors for cranes, overhead cranes and conveyors transporting stone, cement, sand, as well as rock-crushing devices.

Formerly, starting resistors were used practically in every electric drive with a wound rotor motor, as starting resistors and regulation resistors. Currently, starting resistors for wound rotor motors are no longer practically used in new drives (with few exceptions) because the design solutions of drives have changed. They are replaced by drives using frequency converters – inverters.

However, starting resistors are still produced as replacements of old cast iron resistors and spiral strip resistors on newer steel grid resistor elements and ribbon resistor elements.

See an example of resistors made for construction – click the link.

You can find an offer of braking resistors here – click the link.

You can find an offer of starting resistors here – click the link.

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