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SIMPAX - oil and dry-air automatic resistance starters

The automatic resistance starters manufactured by SIMPAX are used to start wound-rotor induction motors applied in older types of high-power electrical machines.

Frame They are connected to three phases of motor rotor winding, using U, V and W terminals. The start up consists in activating individual resistance stages of the resistor. The use of active resistance in the rotor circuit reduces the motor starting current to a value being only about twice as high as the rated current and increases the starting torque – with this such motor can be started under load.

SIMPAX manufactures SIMPAX automatic resistance starters for every application, power (from a few Watts to a MW) and load cycle. N

Based on many years of experience and advanced 3D modeling, we can custom design a non-standard resistance starter, requiring unusual resistance elements and power [see SPECIAL DESIGN RESISTORS].

Design of resistance starters

In terms of electricity, it is a three-phase resistor with tapping connections corresponding to different resistance stages: R1, R2 .... The tapping connections are activated by contactors in accordance with parameters and start-up times – individual for each machine. The whole unit is regulated by a microprocessor controller or a normal – time controller.

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Parameters of automatic resistance starters 

Resistor operating current [A] In accordance with the starting current which results from the motor impeller parameters
Start-up time: In accordance with machine start-up characteristics
Type of operation: Pulse operation (only for start-up), cycle operation [%] for speed regulation resistors
Resistance: Specify total phase resistance and the resistance of individual start-up stages
Start-up stages: From 2 to 6 as standard, in accordance with machine start-up characteristics
Insulation voltage: ≤ 1kV, or ≥ 1kV
Type of cooling:

Natural, forces by fans, or oil cooling




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