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Resistors For The Transport Industry

SIMPAX - braking resistors for vehicles powered by electric traction, for railways, aviation, for trains, trams, buses, metro.

Braking resistors manufactured for public and private transport leaders is an extremely responsible branch of production. At SIMPAX we are aware that our resistors have a direct impact on the safety and health of transport participants. [see "Mission"]

Braking resistors for rolling stocks are so-called high-power resistors. Used on electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, in metro, on trams, where the power of braking resistors reaches several Mega Watts.

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For the manufacturing of braking resistors for traction vehicles, we use the latest technologies and materials already tested in the railway industry, meeting the highest requirements in terms of quality, safety, durability, vibration resistance. Our braking resistors are reliable and failure-free units. All resistors manufactured by SIMPAX have the CE quality mark and production takes place in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality system [read "Quality"].

SIMPAX manufactures braking resistors for any type of traction vehicle, regardless of where the resistor is mounted. The offer includes braking resistors mounted under the chassis, on the roof of the traction vehicle and in its interior. SIMPAX offer also includes the production of shunting resistors, contact line system test resistors as well as starting resistors for railways.

SIMPAX is also known in the global market as a manufacturer of replacement resistors of old types of braking resistors [see REPLACEMENT RESISTORS]

We are a member of the Polish Chamber of Railway Devices and Services that brings together the most important national and international entities related to the railway market.

See an example of a braking resistor for railway done by us – click the link.

You can find an offer of braking resistors for traction vehicles here – click the link.

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