Resistors design

Ribbon resistor (RB)

Rezystory serii RB

Ribbon resistor may be used for any application with a direct current exceeding 100A


Ribbon resistor consists of resistance bands made of FeCr or NiCr steel, interconnected in packages. The plate packages are mounted on a frame to form ready resistors.

Operating conditions 

  • continuous, cycle or pulse operation Indoors or outdoors
  • operation in atmospheres being free from gases, explosive mixtures and corrosive vapours
  • relative humidity: up to 95% at +22 C (293 K)
  • mounting height: maximum 1000m above sea level

Compliance with standards

  • PN-EN 60947-1: Low-voltage switchgear and control gear, Part 1: General rules
  • PN-EN 60071-1: Insulation co-ordination, Part 1: Definitions, principles and rules
  • PN-EN 60529: Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)

Parameters / operating conditions of ribbon resistor RB

Continuous power range:   from 2kW up to any power depending on the application requirements.
Continuous current range:  from 100A up to any current value by parallel connection
Resistance range: Depending on power and operating current
Resistance tolerance:  ±10%, lower on request
Operating voltage: Up to 1000V They can also be used for medium-voltage applications
Insulation withstand voltage: 3500VAC / 1min. (standard design)
Temp. of resistance steel for continuous operation:  400°C ±50°C
Min. / max. ambient temperature:  -40°C / 50°C
Installation conditions: Indoors or outdoors (for built-in resistors)
Protection class:  IP00 – IP23

Rezystory serii RB2

Rezystory serii RB4

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