Resistors applications

Resistors applications

SIMPAX - resistors for the transport, energy, mining, construction, marine and scientific industries!

Resistors are part of many electrical systems and constitute an important part of them, forcing a given current or discharging the power. Although the use of resistors in the electricity industry has fallen in recent years, there are still industries that would straggle without them. Today, resistors are used in the transport, energy, mining, construction, marine and scientific industries.

SIMPAX manufactures all types of high-power resistors, including replacement resistors of old type resistors, using resistance elements of a new design and materials meeting the highest requirements in terms of quality, safety, durability, resistance to vibrations and external factors [see QUALITY]. All resistors manufactured by SIMPAX have the CE quality mark and production takes place in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality system.

In the production of resistors, we take into account contemporary industry expectations in terms of efficiency, performance, environmental impact and equipment operational economics. We use proprietary solutions and the cross-section of steel and resistor power only as needed for a given resistor and its intended use. The recipient pays only for the resistor that he really needs.

Experienced engineering team SIMPAX is a good partner for designers from industrial companies not only in the design of replacement resistors, or new high-power resistors manufactured according to accurate electrical diagrams, but also at the design stage of devices whose part such resistors are to become of. We have repeatedly advised and co-designed the devices, sharing the latest knowledge in the manufacturing and operation of resistors.


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