SIMPAX resistors – quality and safety!

SIMPAX is aware of the responsibility we bear for resistors operating in Clients devices, especially resistors mounted in public transport systems [resistors for railways, trams, metro, lifts], where the key factor is human safety. We believe that the values expressed in the Mission of our activity are a guarantee of the highest reliability of the manufactured resistors.

The mission of SIMPAX is to manufacture resistors that guarantee effective and reliable operation, including the manufacture of replacements resistors of old types resistors, therefore extending the lifetime of the machine in which they were used. During the manufacturing of resistors SIMPAX will use the latest engineering knowledge, taking as the most important factor the safety of people using the devices in which the resistors are mounted.

The mission of SIMPAX is to be implemented in particular through:

  • focusing exclusively on the manufacturing of resistors [see "Company"]
  • taking into account tradition and know-how in the manufacturing of resistors inherited from “WIEFAMEL” and “SIMET” companies [see "History"]
  • continuous development of the latest technological knowledge and modern production management systems
  • implementation of investments in the latest production technologies
  • the use of knowledge and experience as well as listening to the Clients' needs in the production of resistors
  • certification of production processes by independent auditing organizations, guaranteeing the highest quality of the resistor production process to Clients
  • transparency of the resistor production process towards Clients

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SIMPAX sp. z o.o.

Grabonóg 76
63-820 Piaski
(k. Gostynia)

+48 65 571 20 60

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