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SIMPAX – manufacturer of overhead cranes starting resistor

SIMPAX starting resistors for overhead cranes are so-called high power crane resistors. The SIMPAX offer includes starting resistors for overhead cranes with a power of 3 kW.

We distinguish three main groups of starting resistors:

  • gantry travel resistors
  • trolley travel resistors
  • lifting resistors

SIMPAX starting resistors are usually mounted as replacements for older types of resistors, e.g. as replacements for the following resistors:

  • wire resistors of DDF6, DDF12 DDF18 series
  • band resistors of DTF, DTZ, as well as KFM and KFL series

SIMPAX has manufactured over 2,000 starting resistors for overhead cranes! Our resistors comply with European Union Directives [see QUALITY]. We have unique experience in the production of replacements for overhead crane resistors manufactured in the territory of the former Soviet Union and countries of Central and Eastern Europe [see HISTORY].

Design of starting resistors for overhead cranes

Thanks to numerous ventilation holes, while maintaining IP23 and proper design of resistance elements, SIMPAX starting resistors dissipate heat well, heat up less and work longer. We offer a stainless steel resistor enclosure, which increases resistance to corrosive substances!

Highest functionality

We make it easier to connect cables to the resistor by outputting the terminals of each resistance stage to a common terminal block. We can adjust the dimensions of the designed resistor to the dimensions of the existing one. We can even make individual pieces.

Are you looking for a replacement for an old type overhead crane resistor? For optimum selection of starting resistor, please send us the electrical diagrams of the resistors to be replaced, or provide the following information:

  • motor impeller parameters: u2, i2
  • start-up stages
  • application (gantry travel, trolley travel or lifting)

SIMPAX sp. z o.o.

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+48 65 571 20 60

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