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Resistors for industry

SIMPAX is an independent Polish resistors manufacturer with private capital. The brand is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of resistors for the industry and at the same time one of the most experienced in terms of production technology and engineering capital

We specialize in the production of high power resistors, primarily braking resistors for traction vehicles, braking and starting resistors for lifting equipment and overhead cranes, earthing resistors and replacements resistors for old types of resistors of all manufacturers [see "Replacements resistors"resistors"].

For the production of resistors, we use the latest resistance elements, proprietary construction solutions and materials tested in the railway industry, meeting the highest requirements in terms of quality, safety and durability. We are a member of the Polish Chamber of Railway Devices and Services that brings together the most important national and international entities related to the railway market. [see more: Quality].

Depending on the purpose and power of the produced resistor, we use various resistors designs, e.g. wirewound, ribbon and steel grid resistors. Thanks to extensive experience and where it is necessary to use non-standard resistance elements, or in the situation of replacing resistors of other manufacturers, our engineering team always prepares individual technological solutions [see SPECIAL DESIGN RESISTORS RS].

Now we belong to the leading European manufacturers of high power resistors, manufacturing resistors for industrial companies from Europe, Asia and Africa. We feel proud that among the recipients of Polish resistors signed with the SIMPAX brand are the world's largest brands.

We invite you to familiarize with the full offer of SIMPAX resistors, which consists of:


  • we manufacture the state-of-art design resistors, tested in the railway industry!
  • we manufacture replacements resistors for old types resistors of all manufacturers!
  • we undertake non-standard orders!
  • we can manufacture even a single unite of resistor!
  • resistors are designed in a few days using advanced 3D modeling!
  • standard resistors in the 50W-50kW power range are manufactured within 3-5 days!
  • we offer resistors at competitive prices!

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SIMPAX sp. z o.o.

Grabonóg 76
63-820 Piaski
(k. Gostynia)

+48 65 571 20 60

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