CSR / Social Responsibility


We produce resistors following the principles of social responsibility defined in the ISO 26000 “Guidelines on social responsibility” standard: accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, respect for stakeholders interests, respect for the law, respect for international standards of conduct, respect for human rights.

The main areas of social responsibility included in the SIMPAX policy are:

  • Organizational order - SIMPAX Spółka z o.o. organizational structure is determined and known. The rights, duties and responsibilities of employees are clearly defined. The use of company resources for purposes other than economic activities is not accepted
  • Human rights - We declare the inclusion of all groups in the society, including particularly vulnerable ones - disabled, unemployed, young, women entering the labor market, living in rural areas. We prevent discrimination by employing people with disabilities. Every employee of our company has the right to professional development. These rights are implemented through employee training. Employees are subject to voluntary insurance against accidents.
  • Practices in the field of work - Employees of the Company are its largest capital. Satisfied employees are efficient and achieve better results. SIMPAX contributes to the improvement of living standards through full and safe employment and decent work. We respect the rights of employees and we require fulfillment of duties. We respect family responsibilities through amenities that help employees achieve the right balance between work and private life. We place emphasis on the use of holiday leaves. The calendar of integrational events organized for employees by the company includes: company’s championship in bowling; traditional Easter breakfasts held on the premises of the plant; Company's Christmas Eve; self-arranged countryside holiday; gift vouchers awarded on the occasion of Christmas and Easter; packages for employees and their families. We support employees in the process of their development. Development understood as a process of broadening the possibilities of choice through the development of abilities and increasing the independence of people, which enables a long and healthy life, acquiring knowledge and achieving a dignified standard of living, education, self-respect, sense of belonging to the community and contributing to the development of society. Working in a small team allows each employee to reach professional satisfaction as stated in the company's goals. Each of our employees knows the company's mission and is committed to the development of the company.
  • Environment - SIMPAX voluntarily takes into account social and environmental interests. We meet formal and legal requirements. At the same time, we educate employees so that they are aware of their own ecological responsibility. The company at all stages of the product management cycle takes measures to eliminate or limit the negative impact on the environment.
  • Fair practices / Code of ethics - We act ethically in our relationships with clients, partners, contractors and organizations. We follow the rule of law, compliance with ethical standards, respect for property rights. The company's management sets a code of ethics applicable to employees, suppliers of goods and services, business partners. We do not tolerate accepting and giving bribes in order to achieve business benefits. Company’s employees, business partners and suppliers are not allowed to disclose confidential information, including: trade secrets that have been made available to perform the agreement. We follow the rules of fair competition
  • Consumer issues - We respect the physical and intellectual property rights of other entities, we protect our property. We follow the rule of fair marketing. We have developed and implemented documentation regarding the protection of personal data: Security Policy / IT system management instruction / Emergency procedure / Personal Data Register.
  • Social involvement and development of the local community - We influence the local community by improving the quality of life of the population thanks to created workplaces in rural areas and by raising the innovation level that has an impact on this environment. We implement this area by employing people from the local environment. The development of competences of employed people contributes to economic and social development. The company employs employees based on employment contracts - it does not use temporary employment agencies. Honesty settles working time, pays remuneration resulting from working overtime. We use information and communication technologies to see the company's development opportunity. Other entities under benchmarking will also implement them. SIMPAX fulfills its tax obligations. The awareness and social responsibility of the SIMPAX brand stems directly from the sense of responsibility for the quality of the manufactured product, which affects the people's safety. By realizing the production of resistors, we remain sensitive to our close social environment.

We are involved in social and philanthropic investments for the local community. SIMPAX supported and supports as a financial donor projects such as:

  • The annual local race on the distance of 1/10 of the marathon – “Piaski Biegają” - see the thank-you o
  • The “FLEA MARKET” taking place cyclically, combined with attractions for children
  • Sponsoring the local volleyball team “KaniaSiatka” – see the thank-youo
  • Support for the Association of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis – see the thank-youo
  • Support for the trip of the Junior High and High School representation in Gostyń to the USA for the world final of the "Odyssey of the mind" competition. - see the thank-you
  • other one-off events.


SIMPAX sp. z o.o.

Grabonóg 76
63-820 Piaski
(k. Gostynia)

+48 65 571 20 60

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